Saturday, February 9, 2008

Attempting to Defy

A convocation of blind sparrows
crouch in the main gallery like giant
Epstein sculptures, reminding you

how boring England is by comparison.
Several rooms far above, some designed
by artists: light, materials, the odour of youth.

This is not one of the best places to take
children, but there is nobody to tell us to
get lost except us, and we don’t count.

Television Health Warning

At the University of Pravachol
the country’s cholesterol-lowering
missives have struck resistance.

Pravastatin patterns and consequences
U.S. researchers sounded imprecise:
promoting weight gain ‘just comes natural’.

Organisers of the study break ranks
a chance to gawk at the entertaining
and garish mishmash that is California.

Social Circle Disposal

The most interesting moment in Saturday night’s debate
was when candidates were asked what their reaction would be if
they found themselves having trouble functioning in everyday life.

Seemingly inspired by this, advice was forthcoming from a man
having trouble functioning in everyday life. He began by calmly
mentioning his short-term problems - one chipped tooth and a

sprained ankle - sparing inquiring minds from an introduction to
the importance of memory; a habit he had maintained for years.
His name was kept private because he could not remember it.

Lost Art Narrative

In the night rain, it is possible to
believe every story about astronomy
with streets set alight by interstellar baubles.

It is only in the morning light that a clone
of one thousand other towns surfaces:
rubber bullets and breeze block suburbs;

police officers loiter in shop doorways.
Pick a cloud out of a concrete townscape –
there is not much left of this edifice now.

Nothing of Anything

On an afternoon almost wholly without incident,
an elderly man is entering a lions’ enclosure with
a whip and a chair; he has been told there are no

hospital beds available. The veteran becomes worried
and suspects he is ill-equipped to prevent a mauling.
He is pleased with his makeshift defence, but for all the

gutsy endeavour the lions have the better of things.
In the evening, a nurse agrees that the man looks much
worse than before. He is moved to a cubicle with a door.

Worldwide Anxiety Landscape

Patients lose ten per cent of their weight
officials tore into the pill crowd’s efforts
and millions are now feared hungry.

Trials said it could help two out of five initially
creator to consider new methods: effects show
low mood anxiety, nervousness, irritability.

Victims of the drug said they were helpless
in desperate need of food and water. Scientists
have warned of depression and sleep disorders.

Empty Design Announcement

Obvious Belief Federation

There is a familiarity to the announcement this week:
God says He doesn’t how we were created; He’s
a bit confused. Curiously, His entourage nods

appreciatively. A sort of glorious hero narrator,
He says He's going to let it pass, but the rest of
us should be appreciative of how talented He is.

By the end of the week, God is going about His daily
business in a vast Vegas mansion. He says doom is
forecast for those who do not support intelligent design.

Default Family Collective

Hope was optimistic and naïve, but confident on
the future: his Press Secretary told the nation he
was focused on the next generation’s difficulties.

Despair refused to meet with the delegation
at his own annual event: his first foray into
the politics business was far from favourable.

The flippancy of Despair served as a diplomatic
wrecking ball to the crucial issue of collective action:

our petition of eight signatures was insubstantial.

Overnight Trend Collapse

The dénouement of a Paris narrative appeared in
black graffiti; crudely penned and flawed under
the duress of a life borne of an inner realisation.

Recalling a year that proved a parable beyond them,
to assimilate with grace one painted slogan to another.
Their counterparts rose like a collective Lazarus.

In the reflection on a bitter, dismal night, the arcade
looked more like a small casino: the call of slot machines
carried more weight than a hundred advertising hoardings.

Unique Biblical Establishments

Village lore is preceded by
downtown box-office – the story
of Moses is a cultural horror film.

Good people squeeze into venues
with the aid of 2D projection.
Older males, sometimes young

females – the movie is a unique
brand of best-selling guidance.
God can generate a lot of revenue.

A Skinny Ornament

White shoes, asked to decorate
a snow-covered bridge, realised it’s
an opportunity to take. It was

previously painted in the customary black,
decorated in the theme of the priest that
died in the White House historical battle.

The bridge illustrator initially hesitated,
wearing just light blue workout clothes.

In a while, orange jumpsuits will be gold.

Developing Excess Momentum

A Midnight Rainbow

A shower of confetti fluttering
at this self-proclaimed lesbian
party coincides with bad memories

of the toll-free inn. 754 career
films, along with 2 tonnes
of deck chair, have

left an indelible mark. His early
years were perfect. Ever since,

she drives to paradise.

Moral Deprivation (Subtitled)

It takes a TV chef to
turn a war memorial into
something people care about.

The President of France
appears to be illustrating
a recently caught fish.

A sculpture that is not on
television might be said
to lack visual impact.

Planned Aviation Risks

Discovering practical ways to change
asylum seekers inspired dozens of readers
with abnormally high levels of blood pressure.

The seekers just wanted to get airborne,
but the chance of pioneering hijackers
was now looking more likely.

Dozens of easy ways to lighten up asylum
are possible, being overweight or obese on

a private airship may increase envy.

Complex Health Tragedy

Christmas has, on occasion, transcended
public interest and shuffled across the complex national
history: sensational incidents universally exposed.

Never were strangling and hanging preached
it’s not often holidays are condemned,
usually mainstream life was for serious discussion.

But this year, the double murder suicide
at the respected boutique had been the attraction.
Bibles were placed away from media scrutiny.

Mediocre Hollywood Gospel

It takes some imagination to place the scene:
a latter-day superhero leaps out on set in
front of a huge window, in all his egocentric,

morally compromised glory, All around him,
the twinkling lights of a faux candy-shop
coastal town that were promised a few

months ago, not that anybody was listening.
The hero departs. It’s an entirely unimaginative

ending that simply sets up a possible sequel.

Deteriorating Confidence Petition

Secure Membership Basics

The new partnership is ignored: leaders
have already denounced the island’s union,
tackling guns in its politicised communities.

Four schools have confidently assured themselves
that the governor is still denying speaking,
accusing his threat – or whatever it may be called,

as being already-agreed business affairs.
The school president authorities are too soft:

he still has the biggest gun of the whole group.

Adorable Existence Clash

I care nothing about comparisons
of birthday celebrations, such trivialities
repeatedly waste decades of existence.

The upcoming birthday could be fun
however, an excellent and low
key safety celebration.

Fireworks should be banned,
and I have a complaint

about the texture of crisps.

Iconoclastic Japanese Manufacturer

Upholstery is set up for a golden
age of reputable evenings in
the next account auditing.

In fact, the largest-standing movies
summon up annual sales volumes: new
films threw off convention – along with leather.

If not necessarily a watershed,
the preliminary increases are privately

remembered. Virtual leather is very tempting.

A Strategic Anaesthetic

Arbitrary Word Formation

The first in a cluster of convalescence
a vivid account of the process: barbed wire
words on a page decoded to meaning and substance.

A subtle balance of rhythm and imitation
indulge ourselves with memories of papier-mâché
and issues of miracles we are unable to articulate.

Flawed proposals - which on second glance
appear complicated - thwart our plans for
Machiavellian peace; a referendum on angels.

Dealing with Minds